A Green Company
Mature Living Environments, Inc. is one company with two divisions/teams/areas of specialization. Its unifying characteristic is that it is responsive to issues in environmental gerontology and business effectiveness in mature markets. The two divisions are Homes for Independent Lifestyles and The Maturity Marketplace Initiative.

MLE provides experience and evidence based information and consultation to individuals, consumers, families, professionals, organizations, businesses, marketing-communication firms, educational systems, health-behavioral systems, tourism, transportation, and municipalities in both private and public sectors. The goals of all consumer-centered activities are to increase the effectiveness, responsiveness, and productivity of every client/system while increasing the financial benefits of each endeavor. By balancing or in some cases rebalancing both physical and relational environments, optimum improvements are typically the result of each project by increasing overall effectiveness, access, efficiency of effort, functionality, measurable return-on-investment, enjoyment-appreciation levels, and increased value to each consumer/system.

Bringing experience, research, and seasoned instinct to assist businesses to respond successfully in human & economic terms to increasingly sophisticated & mature consumers.
Bringing consumer-centered new capabilities to the places people reside resulting in remarkable improvements in access, adaptability to changing circumstances, security, comfort & affordability.