About Us...Experience, Capability, and Responsiveness

MLE (Mature Living Environments) was established in 1990 to respond to two major emerging market and human developments.  The amazing demographic imperative of the US and the entire globe reflected in individuals living much longer in better health, more highly educated on average, new expectation levels from service providers, and with increasing discretionary resources. MLE has substantial expertise in identifying the unique charactistics and needs of each generation (cohort effect), and factoring them into personal, professional and business decisions.


Several projects have ranged from small ($10,000 to $30,000) to large ($5M+) in scale in both business and residential sectors. 

Working as a collaborative Team of seasoned, licensed and certified professionals in various business and residential sector...both private and public.

MLE is a unique, responsive and accountable company delivering exceptional capabilities in todays rapidly changing world and aging planet.